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Your Portal to Environmental Data.

We give agribusinesses powerful tools to improve their soil, plant and water sampling operations, while landowners get transparent access to environmental data.

Resilient and profitable farming systems
are powered by FarmLab Data

Access tests from dozens of environmental testing labs worldwide, including

Manage all your agronomic and environmental
data in one place

At FarmLab, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with your profession. Our mission is to equip you with cutting-edge tools and comprehensive data services, designed to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and profitability in your work.


Analyse nutrients, carbon, pH. Map soil, understand variability.


Scout pests, test diseases. Identify hot spots over time.


Measure water quality in dams, ponds, troughs.

Tools to Run Your Business

Streamline your operations with FarmLab's advanced tools, enhancing efficiency and decision-making in your sampling business.

Access dozens of Labs

Connect with an extensive network of laboratories in the US and Australia, broadening your sampling capabilities.

Grow with our Ecosystem

Explore new horizons with FarmLab's ecosystem, offering diverse opportunities in environmental and soil analysis.

Carbon Projects

FarmLab provides a wide range of geospatial software to service providers, including soil data management, farm mapping, cadastral boundary definition, and sourcing and processing specific GIS datasets.

Precision Ag

Quickly analyse results and generate custom reports for your clients using your soil test results. Generate traffic light tables, graphs and build your own custom reports. Export to PDF and share to improve client engagement.

Project Support

Let us help you coordinate the measurement of your natural capital. Access an ecosystem of soil samplers, labs and services providers.

Harness the power of Environmental data with FarmLab

Improve Sustainability, Profitability & Manage Compliance

Manage your environmental data in one place to reduce audit costs. View, export and use your information to make data-driven decisions on soil and land management.

access new revenue streams

Verified carbon Stock calculations to help you access Environmental Markets

Combining powerful stratification tools with your soil test results, FarmLab helps calculate soil carbon stocks across landscapes, using validated equations from globally recognised soil carbon methods

Environmental Mapping

Model and map environmental data

Model data at the touch of a button to create environmental maps for soil carbon, variable rate fertiliser application maps, and farm planning purposes.

Efficient Sampling

Sample Faster FarmLab's Mobile App

Originally developed for the collection of Air-Air refuelling data for military contractors, the mobile app gives you a robust set of tools to sample in the field. Navigate to points, record barcodes and collect photos, offline or online.

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