Carbon Projects

Want to scale up your service offering when it comes to carbon projects? FarmLab provides a wide range of geospatial software to service providers, including soil data management, farm mapping, cadastral boundary definition, and sourcing and processing specific GIS datasets such as high-resolution NDVI and Topographical Wetness Index.

Carbon Compliance

Carbon Project Sampling

Generate project compliant Soil Sample Plans using our state of the art stratification tools. Reduce your costs and overheads by automatically removing tree-cover and correctly estimating carbon over your project area.

Data Insights

Data analytics

Use our data analytics engine to reduce the time you spend reporting, and to help you communicate soil test results, and carbon projects clearly and transparently with your clients.

Custom GIS Data

Project specific GIS data

Do you need specific data for a specific project or client? Get access to 10+ layers including Topographical Wetness Index (which correllates well with soil carbon), high resolution NDVI and pre-processed national soil grids to share with your clients.

Digital Cadastres

Farm mapping and digital cadastres

Do you need your client’s farm mapped? Access digital cadastral boundaries (Aust. clients only), define paddock boundaries and draw exclusion areas.

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