Environmental Farm Assessment

Resilient and profitable farming systems are powered by data

Get a personalized report that explains the environmental markets available to you and offers insights on improving your farm’s production.

Environmental data opens a world of opportunity

How it works in three steps

Unlock your environmental data with an Environmental Farm Assessment. Get a customised report to better understand what environmental markets are available to you.

Step one

Get your property boundaries mapped​

Upload historic soil test results, farm boundaries and use them to quickly and accurately view and analyse changes to soil over time.

Use our collaborative features to share a farm with a client or partner, to help them get the full picture around what’s happening on the property.

Step two

We give you soil, biodiversity and landscape data

Using our state of the art processing engine, get access to 10+ layers of biomass, terrain and soil data tailored to your property. Including:

Step three

We explain the environmental markets available to you and offer insights on improving your farm's production

We will sit down with you to provide a comprehensive overview of production, carbon and biodiversity drivers using the data on your farm, to help you start your next Natural Capital project.

We’ll work with you to ensure you get a critical picture of environmental factors, and link you with our network of qualified consultants to help you take the next step with your environmental project.

build a better future for your farm and community

Get your Environmental Farm Assessment

Fill out the request form and we’ll be in touch (open to Australian farms only).

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