New FarmLab Data Services

For larger clients running carbon projects across multiple properties, we have introduced a ‘Data Services’ model to address challenges faced by clients in coordinating samplers, sample plans, and lab tests across many projects, often resulting in a lack of transparency and data gaps.

Leveraging our ecosystem of accredited soil samplers, we now offer clients a fixed-price pipeline of project support services to streamline environmental data collection activities. The steps can be broken down as follows:

Step 1: Plan (includes sample planning, stratification, and exclusion area drawing).

Step 2: Collect (we schedule the collection of your soil/plant/water tests for a fixed cost per sample, using our network of FarmLab Accredited samplers).

Step 3: Test (we submit samples to a partner lab for your testing requirements, such as CER-compliant carbon stock calculations or plant disease testing).

Step 4: Report (reports are produced from the data based on your specified needs, such as Carbon Stock calculations for the project under your chosen protocol, plant disease analysis, etc.).

The services are tailored to clients’ reporting requirements, meaning we collect data and report to the standard you require. Current standards include the Australian Clean Energy Regulator, Regen Network, CAR Soil Enrichment Protocol. Data is managed and shared transparently with you through our pipeline approach, providing peace of mind and a clear chain of custody across all samples collected. The price of each step is fixed for 12 months, helping you mitigate the risk of exceeding budgets and providing a clear budget for future planning.

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