FarmLab for Precision Ag

Empower your precision agriculture operations with FarmLab’s advanced features, including YieldMax for optimizing yields, SoilMate for rapid soil sampling, and ReportGen for streamlined reporting.

Optimize Yields

Yield and Zone Maps

Are you an agronomist or producer that wants to get the most out of your soils? Use our NDVI to zone, map and estimates yield to reduce input costs and optimise yield.

Rapid Soil Sampling

Sampling at your fingertips

Access dozens of labs across Australia and the US for soil testing. Use our mobile app to quickly navigate to and scan samples. Submit them through our website and have all results mapped back to where you collected them from.

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Streamlined Reporting

Automatic reporting and analytics

Quickly analyse results and generate custom reports for your clients using your soil test results.

Access traffic light tables or graphs to generate your own custom reports, and export to PDF to streamline your client engagement.

Try FarmLab for Free

Streamline Your Precision Ag Operations Today

Upgrade your precision ag with FarmLab’s free trial. Get NDVI mapping for yield and zone analysis, access soil testing labs in Australia and US, and streamline operations with automated reporting and analytics.

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