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Simplifying Measurement for Your Project

FarmLab Services Pack

To help reduce the cost and complexity of measurement for asset managers, farmers, agronomists and carbon developers, FarmLab have created a series of modules to simplify a the measurement of natural capital or a carbon project.

The Services Pack gives users access to a range of measurement services available through the FarmLab network to help them run your next project. These services include:

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FarmLab offerings

Available Services

From comprehensive assessments to mapping and sampling, we provide valuable insights and guidance to help you achieve your goals.

Environmental Farm Assessment Report

Get started on your next Natural Capital project with an environmental assessment for your farm. Access data to better understand carbon, biodiversity and production.

Cost $500

FarmLab Soil Mapping

Soil Mapping services are offered in addition to the Soil Carbon Offset Report, and use historic soil test results (if available) along with remotely sensed data to map the property. This map can be used to generate the strata and sample plan for a CER project.

Cost $1,000

FarmLab Soil Carbon Offset Report

Recommended for farmers and their advisors starting out with soil carbon projects.

This is a desktop overview of soil carbon for the property, providing an estimate over current soil carbon levels, as well as historic data around rainfall, ground cover and forested areas.

This is intended to help educate the project manager or farmer on the potential for the project to succeed.

Cost $2,000

Pre-baseline mapping & sampling

This is undertaken to measure existing carbon levels across a farm for clients without any historic, geo-referenced soil test results.
Maps can be created from the samples to develop a more accurate sample plan, which can reduce variance and the discounting of carbon offsets that comes from having a high variance across a farm.
It's usually done at approximately 1 x sample per 100ha (depending on farm size) and measures % soil carbon to keep the cost down.

Costs are $3-$5.50 per hectare

A CER compliant sample plan

This includes the following:
- A defined project area and related cadastral boundaries
- Carbon Estimation Area/s
- Any exclusion areas (buildings, dams, etc)
- Stratification of each CEA (we’ll use your soil maps to do this following pre-baseline sampling or soil mapping modules)
- Randomly Generated Sample Points.

Costs $1,500 for first 500ha + $500 for additional 500ha after that

A Land Management strategy

A requirement for any carbon project being registered under the Australian Clean Energy Regulator, it informs what practices the land manager is going to undertake to increase soil carbon during the life of the project. There are specific requirements around what can and can't be done, with the important concept of 'additionality' being a major consideration. For more information read the Clean Energy Regulator LMS guide.

Costs range from $5,000 to $10,000 and are usually specific to the consultant and farm being registered

Project Baseline Soil Sampling

This is undertaken by qualified soil technicians from across FarmLab’s network in Australia.
Using the FarmLab software, they will record the required measurements and collect samples at depths and locations determined by the soil sample plan submitted to the Clean Energy Regulator.

Costs are currently $8+ per hectare (or approx. $230 per core), depending on farm size, number of samples required, and the complexity of the landscape

Financial and Legal Advice

This is always recommended before entering any project. We have a network of Legal and registered Financial Advisors experienced in supporting carbon projects that can provide you with independent advice relating to your project.

Costs are variable depending on client needs

Independent third-party Audit Services

These are a requirement for any Clean Energy Regulator project, and an audit schedule will be provided by the CER after a project is first registered. FarmLab work with a network of qualified auditors who can provide initial and subsequent audit services for Carbon Offset projects.

Costs are variable depending on project size and audit needs

Project Registration

These services are offered to support the registration of your project with the Clean Energy Regulator. This requires a sample plan and Land Management strategy, along with supporting documentation.

More details can be found on the Clean Energy Regulator Website.

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