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Here you will find a collection of articles, videos, and guides on topics ranging from soil health to carbon farming. 

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Cultivating the Future: FarmLab & Soil Science Australia Partner to improve Soil Health Education

At FarmLab, we are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Soil Science Australia, a monumental step towards enhancing soil management education across Australia. As challenges to food security intensify with the evolving climate, it’s imperative to prioritise the health and resilience of our soils—the bedrock of agricultural production. Our collaboration is designed to fortify

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Lessons from the Korean War: The OODA Loop in Agtech

The OODA Loop, also known as the “Boyd Cycle,” emerged in the 1950s as a response to the challenges faced by US fighter pilots in combat against the MiG-15 during the Korean War. Developed by Colonel John Boyd, this decision-making framework aimed to counter the superior maneuverability of the MiG-15. While the MiG could outperform

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12 June 24: Advancing Soil Carbon Quantification with Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Webinar:

As part of the ‘KTG’ or ‘Kick the $3/Ha goal’ project, FarmLab is leveraging remote sensing and machine learning (RS/ML), coupled with it’s platform for on-ground sample collection, to provide accurate, cost-effective soil organic carbon (SOC) quantification. We have developed two initial models for Australia, with the most recent one developed on December 2023 now

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Unearthing New Knowledge: Using Soil Samples to improve production and sustainability at Glen Vale

Unearthing New Knowledge: Using Soil Samples to improve production and sustainability Soil health and carbon levels are critical factors that impact agricultural productivity and sustainability. To gain insights into these factors, FarmLab, a leading agricultural technology company, partnered with VRM Biologik, a local agronomy and inputs business, to conduct an assessment of soil carbon and

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