Agritech startup’s soccer sensation: FarmLab Under 6s team sparks World Cup Fever

Left to Right – Sophie Barber, Dean Campbell, Cormac Munro

In the quaint regional town of Warwick, Queensland, a sporting revolution is underway, and it all centres around a group of pint-sized soccer prodigies – the FarmLab Under 6 soccer team! The Australian agritech startup, mastering soil testing for farmers and agronomists in Australia and beyond, now finds themselves captivating the soccer world’s attention in a way that makes Ronaldo’s hair gel jealous!

With a staggering six players on their roster, the FarmLab Under 6s soccer team is causing seismic ripples in the local sports scene. Their meteoric rise to fame, sponsored by FarmLab, has seen them competing against five other teams in the highly prestigious Under 6s Premiership. Forget the FIFA World Cup; this is where true legends are born!

The team’s astonishing success has attracted the attention of soccer aficionados worldwide. Rumours have emerged of talent scouts lurking behind gum trees and kangaroos, hoping to catch a glimpse of the next Sam Kerr at the tender age of five. Talks of hiring an international coach have already begun, with Graham Arnold, reportedly excited to mentor these future football legends.

Parental herding tactics pay off

In a candid moment, Dom Benz, Warwick Wolves Football Club President revealed the secret to managing the under six age group: “We strategically position the parents around the field like a human fence. The balls regularly get kicked out onto other fields, and they all chase after it – never losing sight of their prize.”

“But it’s not just the players making waves; it’s the parents and community volunteers who deserve their own highlight reel. These unsung heroes, fuelled by a mix of passion, parental pride, and more than a few cups of coffee, bring an unrivalled ‘cheerleader’ energy to the sidelines.”

As September’s finale approaches, the tension is palpable, among parents and players. The grand prize awaits, and it’s not the soccer ball, but an endless supply of milkshakes.

FarmLab Account Manager and FarmLab Under 6s coach, Ben Barber concurs it’s all about the milkshakes, whose daughter, Sophie also plays on the team. “Bribery is the most important factor, if they play well, they get a milkshake, and if they win the premiership, they get a medal.”

“Their life is all about having fun, and they’re simply not paid enough to do the full halves. I mean, who can blame them when the second half is three minutes long ­– it’s the perfect time for a well-deserved snack break!”

Sophie Barber painted as a pink hamster

Warwick, a hot bed of athleticism

The level of interest in the competitive premiership­ – levelled up by FarmLab’s sponsorship – has led to serious crowd-control issues, at Warwick’s humble sporting grounds, Ben explained, sparking rumours of an exclusive Disney documentary, not unlike ‘Welcome to Wrexham’.

“FarmLab’s Under 6s soccer team is putting Warwick on the map,” beamed Dom, and he’s not wrong. The world is taking notice of this small-town sporting phenomenon.

“We want to show the world what we’ve got, because we love our town. Everybody does. We’re living the dream out here – we have bigger yards, a much better lifestyle, and our properties are cheaper too.”

But as spectators flock from all corners of the globe and the euphoria spreads, there’s something missing…. a fully-fledged stadium to accommodate the growing horde of die-hard fans.

With an impressively large percentage of the community engaging in sports on a weekly basis, it’s evident that Warwick is a hotbed of athleticism, Dom explained. But there’s the kicker – the clubs, all six of them, are in a flood-prone area.

Both Ben and Dom agree that with no dedicated flood-proof all-inclusive sporting venue in the humming regional centre, ‘Warwick’s moment is now’.

August 9, 2023

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