Cultivating the Future: FarmLab & Soil Science Australia Partner to improve Soil Health Education

At FarmLab, we are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Soil Science Australia, a monumental step towards enhancing soil management education across Australia. As challenges to food security intensify with the evolving climate, it’s imperative to prioritise the health and resilience of our soils—the bedrock of agricultural production.

Our collaboration is designed to fortify the skills of a nation-wide network of soil management professionals, integrating FarmLab’s advanced digital infrastructure with the deep-rooted knowledge and training prowess of Soil Science Australia. This partnership aims to create a comprehensive educational framework that merges practical skills with sophisticated technological tools, ensuring that our soil scientists, agronomists, and land managers are well-equipped to lead the charge in sustainable agriculture.

Michael Walker, CEO of Soil Science Australia, shares our enthusiasm, stating, “Our relationship with FarmLab opens up broader possibilities for sharing the message about the value of managing soil as a critical resource in Australia.” Here at FarmLab, we are equally excited. As our CEO, Sam Duncan, expressed, “This collaboration aligns perfectly with FarmLab’s mission to provide high-quality data to better support Australia’s soil managers.”

By combining our efforts, we are not only enhancing professional training and accreditation but also addressing the urgent needs for sustainable practices and carbon sequestration mechanisms that the agricultural sector increasingly demands.

Through this initiative, we at FarmLab are committed to supporting the industry’s expanding interest in carbon farming and advanced soil health management. We are dedicated to engaging with government and industry stakeholders at both state and national levels to share key data, learnings, and resources.

This partnership is a testament to our dedication to not only meet the current demands of soil management but also to anticipate and prepare for future challenges.

For those interested in learning more about this exciting venture or wish to participate, please reach out to us at or connect with Soil Science Australia at

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